Launch is in 30 days then your experience begins that includes a massive surge in families accessing your services, increased provider participation in your programs, staffs ability to easily excel in their work, & funders renewed commitment as they realize your advanced move forward.

WorkLife Systems delivers a refreshing and unparalleled software service guaranteed to produce immediate growth results. WLS understands CCRRA needs and knows technology. WLS along with your designated staff will build your incredible technology driven system. Together in 30 days we will:

  • Establish your secured site and branding
  • Assign staff permissions and access levels
  • Incorporate, enforce and validate your state data standards and data fields into WLS
  • Create Activity logs to auto record activity and history about all users, staff performed, provider performed and online family activity
  • Import existing data into WLS
  • Automate follow-up/evaluation processes
  • Add announcements for seamless communications to families, providers and staff
  • Quick and thorough reporting capabilities with a press of a key
  • Export any and all data to Excel or comma delimited format
  • Upload your educational resources to deliver to families and providers
  • On-site Training (1 day) and Launch
  • Discuss implementation of WLS add-ons such as Training, TA and QRIS, bringing all work into one database to eliminate duplication of provider databases
  • Schedule routine Group Emails to providers and families
  • WLS continued support and analysis of your work, always progressing