The affordable cost, time saved, and efficiency gained in using WorkLife Systems (WLS) software as a service, allows your organization to invest more human and monetary resources into your higher organizational priorities such as quality improvement and rating systems, service delivery, and child outcomes.

WorkLife Systems delivers database management system and reporting software services. In addition to delivering software as a service, clients benefit from numerous other services provided encompassing hardware, hosting, and unlimited monthly support services (see the Why WLS web page for more details). Costs are low in comparison to the value of WLS services - as low as $198 a month with a one-time initial setup fee of $1,500. WLS creates a software solution based on your input and expressed needs, which includes at minimum:

  • Importing data from your existing provider databases into WLS (i.e., the initial setup);
  • Establishing your secured site and customizing with your logo and preferences;
  • Training your staff via telephone with documentation (Note: Onsite training also available);
  • Managing provider data, client/referrals, and custom databases (i.e., add, edit, copy, print, delete);
  • Provider professional portal for providers to login and update their data, add pictures and register for trainings;
  • Activity logs recording the activity and history on each provider, client/referral & custom record;
  • Unlimited addition of 12 different data field types; apply and require fields to provider types;
  • Placing data fields on preferred screens and in preferred display order;
  • Automatic data integrity and validation checks;
  • Ability to create unlimited database groups and to manage data on, and beyond, provider & referral;
  • Ability to search for referrals by city, zip, state, county, school and mile radius (WLS auto assigns GEO codes);
  • Ability to Email with attachments or print referrals with referral history auto saved;
  • Provider activity auto records number of times provider is referred;
  • Automation of client follow-up/evaluation procedures;
  • Online search companion for public to perform their own searches;
  • Online automated utilization tracking merges with staff conducted referrals;
  • Ability to create four different client access levels into your provider data;
  • Ability to create reports about providers, clients/referrals and custom databases;
  • Ability to add announcements for easy communications to staff and providers;
  • Assigning staff access levels (i.e., permissions into functions of the software);
  • Quick Search capability on provider and referral data, as well as custom data;
  • Ability to export data to Excel or comma delimited format;