WorkLife Systems (WLS) derives a great deal of professional satisfaction in continually meeting the needs of those we serve while upholding the highest level of quality in its deliverables. Theresa Fjelstad, who is the CEO of WLS, will take an active role in assuring that your deliverables are both timely and of the highest quality. The difference Ms. Fjelstad’s active role makes along with her team members’ talents are reflected in the following quotes:

"The Center for Families and Children/Family Dependent Care Program has been a customer of WorkLife Systems for over 12 years. I find Theresa to be invaluable and often refer to her as the “Great Oz” behind the scene of this software and industry. WLS has upgraded its services to help us keep pace with our clients’ and parents’ needs. When our business started with WLS we were servicing about 95 companies, but today we service almost 200 companies with seamless integration with every new customer. We continually receive positive feedback from our customers on the detailed amount of information, the user-friendly style and how much was saved by using this software. We look forward to doing business with them for many more years."
– Center for Families and Children/Family Dependent Care Program, in Cleveland, Ohio
"We have known Theresa Fjelstad, CEO, of WLS Systems, Inc., professionally for over four years. Theresa and her software/database team have worked closely with CDR’s Resource & Referral Program funded by the California Department of Education (CDE). Their expertise, knowledge, and outstanding customer service has directly lead to the implementation of an improved and efficient software program specifically designed to provide our clients, both parents and child care providers, with information to assist in the selection of their child care referrals and needs. Use of the upgraded software program provided by WLS, has dramatically enhanced our data collection by providing user-friendly customized reports that help us track referrals and provider profile information to meet parent provider needs."
– Child Development Resources of Ventura County, Inc. (CDR), in Oxnard, California
"Created by WorkLife Systems, Inc., greatstartCONNECT.org has become a nationally recognized tool for Michigan parents and providers, available 24/7. The site offers high quality, childcare consumer education information; information about choosing high quality, the different choices offered in Michigan, early learning standards, and supports available for accessing high quality. WorkLife Systems, Inc. manages technical assistance for greatstartCONNECT.org and has not had any complaints with over 50,000 parents using the site each year, plus 12,000 providers whose programs are featured on the site. Since the 2009 launch, Michigan’s greatstartCONNECT.org has encountered no downtime and continues to evolve to meet the demands of the 21st century parent."
– Early Childhood Investment Corporation, in Lansing, Michigan