Example of a Local Level Implementation

WorkLife Systems (WLS) created a technology solution to meet the child care referral and information needs for Collaborative for Children in Houston, Texas. The database management system and reporting software, which was developed and implemented by WLS drives QualiFind,sm a child care and early education search tool for parents containing quality improvement and ratings located on their web site @ www.collabforchildren.org. This search tool allows parents to perform provider searches by targeting:

  1. Program types such as child care centers, registered child care homes, licenses child care homes, etc.;
  2. Programs quality ratings;
  3. Location by city, zip, and school, or by a mile radius search from a specified location;
  4. Specific needs such as times/days care is needed and ages of children;
  5. Preferences to further customize the search using multiple filters such as Head Start, languages spoken, etc.

In addition, providers are able to log-in into the system and update their program specifics, as well as add photos. Each year, over 17,000 parents benefit from the QualiFind search tool. Parents have the option of either using the tool online or phoning Collaborative for Children to request assistance. Utilization data shows that parents prefer using the online tool themselves rather than phoning for assistance at a ratio of 2:1 and this preference is increasing each year.

Importantly, WLS integrated the child care quality improvement and rating system used by Collaborative for Children into the QualiFind search results.

As greater emphasis is being focused on quality measures, particularly from the government, the ability to have quality measures built into the design of technology solutions is paramount.

WLS will work side-by-side with you to deliver effective database and reporting systems for your quality rankings and outcome measures that meet your data and information needs.